Revival Iron & Wood was founded in 2012 and is a design + build furniture shop specializing in the use of salvaged wood and iron pieces as our media.


What started as a dream, some grit and one miter saw, has blossomed into a full servicing woodshop. Our aim at Revival Iron & Wood is not to produce characterless, assembly line furniture, but to create unique pieces, which use repurposed materials once deemed unsalvageable, forging them into functional works of art with substance. We want each piece of furniture to have a story that will endure.




Inside each and every one of us, I believe there is a call to action. A call to create. I believe we all have a story to tell, and the passion to tell it well. Woodworking is my passion. My answer to that call for creativity.

I began the journey that is Revival Iron & Wood about three years ago, after feeling like there was a void in my life. Growing up, I always had that need to create. Some of my earliest memories took place on the living room floor, building whole towns out of Legos and Lincoln Logs. That need never left me. Only now, instead of a living room floor, I have a woodshop to see that desire come to fruition.

When I think about creating something out of wood, I think about how long people have been using wood as a medium to provide functionality to their lives. It’s through that nostalgia in which I connect to each piece I design and construct. And it’s that connection I want to share with others.

At Revival Iron & Wood, our goal every day is to live out our name and represent our brand, by taking something old, something unusable, and breathing new life and new purpose into it. In that unity of old and new, we hope to provide people something they feel a connection to, by crafting pieces and stories everlasting.



Some of my earliest memories of growing up in southern Missouri are following my grandpa around in his shop while he worked. Even though most of my work at the time consisted of picking up trash and sweeping the floor, I still found time to watch him build and create day in and day out. It was there where he first taught me that the best tools are the ones you can't buy. They are your very own hands. And before you can use any man made tools, you first need to know how to use the tools you were born with.


Iron has always felt like a comfort zone to me. I find there is a calming element to being able to manipulate something so strong and sturdy. When heat is applied, it becomes malleable and workable. In this state I can express my ideas and creativity, and make something functional and real.


These are the ideas and principles that I use everyday with Revival Iron & Wood. Crafting something that is of the utmost quality is my goal every time I step into the shop. I believe each person who owns a piece made by Revival Iron & Wood will feel those traits each time they use one of our products.



Our cats are two of our most valued team members. Truman (with the mouse) is a bit skittish, but still loves to roam and keep the shop critter-free. Linda (cat napping) is more fearless, and you can probably find her sleeping on the job.

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